The risk of food poisoning is a must-have for summer skewers.

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-04-19

Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration announced on the official website that the consumption of skewed meat products indicates that the skewed meat products have a special aroma and crispy skin, which is very popular among consumers, especially young people. Common skewer meat products include kebabs, roasted kidneys, roasted chicken wings, roasted chicken hearts, and baked ribs. In the summer, the consumption of skewers has increased greatly, but the summer temperature is high, which is suitable for bacterial reproduction, which may lead to food spoilage and food poisoning risks.

First, the electric skewer is better than the carbon skewer

The World Health Organization believes that cooking at high temperatures or placing food directly on fire can produce harmful substances such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines. Therefore, from the perspective of food safety, the electric skewer is superior to the carbon skewer, because it is not in contact with the open flame, the heat is even, and the skewer is not partially scorched; at the same time, the temperature of the baking pan is conveniently controlled to avoid excessive temperature and can be greatly reduced. The production of carcinogens.

Second, choose grilled and cooked skewers

To ensure safe eating, you should choose grilled and cooked skewers. Some meats with tenderness and tenderness are unevenly heated, the central temperature is low, and they are not effective for sterilization purposes. They may contain pathogenic microbial residues and become a hidden danger of foodborne diseases.

Third, choose a regular, better sanitary conditions barbecue restaurant

To eat kebabs, you should choose a regular barbecue restaurant with complete licenses and good sanitary conditions. The health of unlicensed booths is difficult to guarantee. Most of the employees are not inspected for health. The quality of raw and auxiliary materials and tools used is difficult to guarantee, and there are many hidden risks in food safety.

Fourth, the family homemade skewers note

1. Purchase fresh ingredients and use a hygienic automatic flipping barbecue table tool. Good ingredients can make good meat skewers, including fresh lamb, loin, chicken heart, qualified seasonings, etc., as well as the hygiene of the signs, clips, grilling nets and other appliances.

2, the pursuit of fresh taste while ensuring food safety. The meat should be even and cut a little; when roasting, it should be turned over so that it is evenly heated and baked. When charcoal begins to burn, it will be accompanied by thick smoke and flames. At this time, it is not advisable to put the meat on the skewer; after starting the barbecue accessories, the food should be kept away from the charcoal fire, which can effectively reduce the generation of harmful substances.

3, the ingredients should be kept at a low temperature. After the skewers are prepared, they should be frozen or refrigerated in the refrigerator. Keep the temperature in the incubator with ice or other means to ensure the freshness of the skewers. Especially when there are elderly people, children or members with low immunity, especially pay attention to food hygiene.

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