Those delicious barbecues in the countryside in those years, please raise your hands if you have eaten!

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-04-20

Now, although there are barbecue stalls everywhere on the street, the most memorable ones are the delicious barbecues in the countryside when you were young. Let’s take a look back and see what you have done!

1 roasted corn

Corn is always the darling of barbecue. Although there is no barbecue ingredients when I was a child, I put it on the fire directly, but it tastes good. And it’s better to eat without peeling.

2 baked sweet potatoes

I have a fire on the mountain, and then I take some materials on the spot. I sneak a few small-sized sweet potatoes in my house or in my neighbor's house and put them in the fire. Although they are not very good, they taste really beautiful!

3 roasted peanuts

When the peanuts matured, the children licked their mouths and sneaked some of them into the ground, grilled them with firewood, or cooked them in the stove.

4 grilled fish and shrimp

At that time, there were a lot of fish and shrimps in the country river, and the little friends would catch it or use it to fish. Then they would make fire on the spot and roast. If it was salted, it would be better. The taste is not inferior to the grilled fish in the barbecue accessories stall.

5 roasted bamboo rice

Dashan provides us with the best ingredients. Cut a bamboo from the green bamboo forest and cut it into pieces. Add the prepared rice and ingredients, slowly cook with firewood, and enjoy it with the open. Bamboo scented rice~

6 baked eggs

In the township, the hens at home are laying eggs every day.

Soon after the hot eggs are placed, our children have the privilege of roasting eggs. The monkeys are thrown directly into the fire to roast, and they are willing to spend a little effort to wrap a layer of mud on the outside of the eggs.

The special naughty little friend will also go to the tree to ostrich eggs, and roast it out is a different kind of delicious!

7 roasted oranges

Many people have oranges at home, and the elders say that roasted oranges can cure cough. When you are cold, bake a few oranges on the brazier. Don’t have a flavor compared to raw oranges.

8 roasted chestnut

Baked chestnut, risking the chestnut ball stabbing, hitting the chestnut, after burning in the fire, that incense! ! I saw your saliva has fallen three feet ~~~

9 roasted peppers

If everyone thinks it is not enough, finally come to a roast pepper, put the pepper on the fire, and occasionally stir until all the peppers are soft, or some peppers are slightly burnt, and you can eat salt.

Looking back at our generation, I was really cried by myself, and I would eat it! When you have time, make a contract, bring the child, a few bricks, and relive the barbecue of the year, let the children experience the 'taste of time.'

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